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Free eBook | A Buyer's Guide to Going Solar


Stop worrying about your utility bill and start living better with Blue Raven Solar—America’s top-rated solar company.* We make it easy to switch, and the first 18 months are free!


We think it’s important for you to feel completely confident before making the switch to solar. That’s why we’ve created this free eBook packed with useful tips and information covering everything from the bottom-line cost benefits of solar to choosing the right installer for your home. It even details what to expect during each step of the installation process.

About Blue Raven Solar

When you’re ready to take the step toward solar savings and better living, we hope you’ll consider Blue Raven Solar as your solar partner. We are one of the fastest growing solar companies in the nation because we’re dedicated to giving our customers the best products, service, and value possible. We deliver on that promise, and that’s a big reason why we‘re America’s top-rated solar company.*

Blue Raven Solar will give you:

  • Easy, innovative financing with your first 18 months free
  • The highest quality panels for maximum efficiency and aesthetic appeal
  • A fast, no-hassle experience
  • Superior customer service

At Blue Raven Solar, we want to help you take control of your utility costs and start enjoying your home to its fullest.

“Everything was very smooth and pretty quick…they said they would have it done in about 8 hours and were actually done in 6…we were paying anywhere from $150 to $220 every month in power, and, ever since we got the solar panels installed, we’re at $0—other than the $9 connection fee to be tied into the grid. We love that!”

— Swenson Family, Blue Raven Solar Customer